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Setting Intentions For 2016

I have already raved about what 2015 showered upon me, but, I've heard it is never wise to keep dwelling upon past glories and memories; rather, using them as a base for future steps is the way to go, right? And given the fact that 'resolutions' have never been my thing, for 2016 I have zeroed upon setting 'intentions'. Google up the two words and you shall see how much negativity the word 'resolution' reeks; so thank you, I'd rather set aims than impose stuffs.

#1. Up My Reading Game
I swear if I could, I would be nose-deep in books all day; I simply find them quite fascinating. To read is to live over a thousand lives in one lifetime (I did I quick search to figure out whether this line is original, turns out it is already said by George R.R. Martin!). This year, I want to read a lot more on diverse themes than I previously have; yes, I reluctantly admit that I am a bit stuck up in my comfort-zone when it comes to books. I am shooting for 36 books in 2016, wish me luck.

#2. Establish An Ideating Routine
For most people, it is the stress that keeps them awake at night; for me, it is definitely my ideas. As soon as I hit the hay, ideas start erupting in my head like pimples did back when I was in middle school. The worst part? I have nothing to note my ideas down in at that hour, and if I turn on the lights, ideas disappear like the stars in the morning! It surely is annoying, thus, I want to establish an ideating routine, so that I can brainstorm at my will and be prepared to note the ideas down (also, so that I can sleep quickly, ha ha). If it works, I might do a write-up on it.

#3. Breathe In, Breathe Out
Lately I have been re-embracing Yoga. My On-And-Off Yoga journey began back when I was 5 years old! Yeah, the Yoga program in my first school introduced me to several yoga poses, but I was too young to understand the importance it packed back then. Since then, I have had a very inconsistent relationship with Yoga. Anyway, what I am intending to adopt this year is a refreshed approach towards breathing. Do you know, the way majority breathe unconsciously oxygenates a mere 2-5% of the brain! Know you know why I am eager to learn how to breathe correctly.

#4. Try, Try
Chronic Fatigue and the Depression it induced back in 2015 amputated my ability to actually give my best. I barely could muster up courage to get out of the bed in the mornings or treat any situation seriously (a big proof was my attitude during my Semester exams back in October, where I took no effort whatsoever to even gather and compile study material uptil the morning I was supposed to write my exam!). I am wanting to take things slowly back to normal and not force myself into compulsorily giving 100% to anything.

#5. Lighten The Load
I carry a lot of baggage, half of which isn't mine in the first place! My mind seriously cries out for a mental detox. Luckily, I chanced upon this 7 Day Mental Detox Plan; firstly, the daily tasks are utterly simple and secondly, the time period isn't too long to lose track. Doesn't hurt to give it a try, does it? And if it works, I wouldn't mind adopting it as a cyclic routine. Fingers crossed.

Enough about my intentions now; I am all ears to know about what are your expectations from yourself in 2016. That, and a very Happy New Year.

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Reflections v.20.15

As I sit here, languidly running through the pictures contained in my digital album, I am gawking in disbelieve.

The year has passed by in a blur.

Witnessed Megadeth live from the front row!

I cannot comprehend the magnitude of this year; yes, I did face Chronic Fatigue, but, at the same time, had wonderful surprises knocking at my door all the time, be it in the form of a sudden call for Camp, or the screen of my new Lumia showing that I cleared IPCC exams, or even managing to see Megadeth live from the first row!

Undoubtedly, 2015 has been something.

View from the windmill farm at Nashik

After all, I turned 19 years old; I put myself out there and socialized, despite my brain wanting to go home and doze off; I pushed myself to take a leap of faith, and got going on a two day excursion to Nashik, with two folks I barely knew at that time; and how can I forget, I met Bruce Dickinson, the front-man of Iron Maiden!

Quite a year, eh? Well, that's not all.

I walked and walked and walked, on dusty red trails through the hauntingly beautiful forests of Matheran, stopping at several points to admire the Sahyadri.

At a certain point at Matheran, thanking my trusty shoes

I chowed and chowed and chowed to my heart's content, on that Yum Cha at Shiro, that Waffle at Kala Ghoda Cafe, those beautiful burgers at whichever place I could get them at, and the myriad delicacies at home.

Waffles with granola and fruits at Kala Ghoda Cafe

I read and read and read through Aldous Huxley, Che Guevara, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jack Kerouac, Khaled Hosseini, and, Khushwant Singh; even when my will power was fading in, tempted me into the luxury that is wanting to give up.

My copy of Strange Pilgrims, honestly, still stuck on last few short stories

Reflections never do justice, 2015's too wouldn't.

Anyway, the takeaway from 2015 I will carry in my backpack into the next year is that; sometimes, you may lack the will, you may also lack the motivation, but pushing yourself for things is always worth it in the end.

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#FlipkartKids & Emerging E-commerce Trends

Last Saturday saw me heading to #FlipkartKids Indiblogger meet at Blue Frog, Mumbai. Honestly, I was supposed to cancel, but, a very depressing interview rejection, which created a lot of spare hours in my day, and close proximity to Lower Parel, saw me drag myself there, and, it turned out to be the best decision I've made in a while.

Basically the meet centred around the launch of 'Flipkart L'il Stars- India's Biggest Online Kids Store'. Hence, there were a tonnes of discussions with the brand heads, and questions from fellow bloggers attending the meet about how Flipkart seeks to neutralize the drawback of online shopping for little children. Also an highlight was a talk from Kalpana Behara, a parent blogger, chronicling her journey in the world of blogging.

In my opinion, the changing facing of e-commerce in India brings along with it a lot of opportunities for the brands to tap in the urban markets beautifully and the children's section is the most untouched one. For instance, during my childhood in the early 2000s, if I wanted a toy and it wasn't available in the neighbouring toy shops, forgetting about it was the only option I had; whereas now, it can be ordered online within a minute!

Also, Indian children can access those exquisite American toys, which in my time was more of a thing of legend or with something only your NRI relative would gift you, at a mere click of a mouse. Plus, parents can be assured of the fact that they are buying the originals and not a pirated knock-off of the brand, as they are purchasing directly from the seller. Quite a win-win, nay?

Anyway, post the launch, the Inditeam's very own band, Blunder In The Code, took the stage and dolled out an unplugged set comprising of Nothing Else Matters by Metallica, Speedy Gonzales by Pat Boone, and a few more folk tunes.

Blunder in The Code

An Ad-mad session followed the jam, and honestly, it was mad (in a good way, of course). Teams went crazy brainstorming for that perfect idea that would help them market the given product, Flipkart Li'l Stars, effectively. The team I was in came up with a twisted 'Barbie weds Spiderman- Wedding of the Century' plot, and surprisingly, we emerged as the winners along with Team 1.

All the above shenanigans with good company, food and drinks at the lovely BlueFrog, and the day surely packed a punch. 
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Reading The Unread

I am going to read you;
carefully flipping over the pages of your thoughts,
ruminating over each little lore your eyes reflect.

I am going to read you;
warmly stepping into the depths of your loneliness,
grazing the tales of remorse your lips tremble with.

I am going to read you;
gently knocking down the walls you have put up,
till the dreams you whisper every night echoes within me.

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Talking The "Talk"

There are certain points in life where whatever you do seems grossly inadequate. That sense of inadequacy soon metamorphosizes into a cocoon of self-doubt, and before you know, you begin asking yourself the old-age question concerning the direction in which your life is headed.

I had been completely sure, since, the time I stepped into my teenage, that I would not face the need to ask myself any question pertaining to life's direction; I thought I knew what I wanted from life and how. Now, reflecting back, I cannot stop myself from wondering how naive I was. I never took into cognizance of the presence of 'growth' factor.

"Uh, what growth factor?", you'd ask. Well, people are like cheese (or wine, if you prefer that analogy); they mature as they age. The way cheese (or wine) develops a complex flavour as it ages, people are exposed to new horizons and their ideals evolve. The ways of the world do not stay black or white any more. Also, the "I want to be an Astronaut!" harp dwindles into oblivion.

Sitting at the rock-bottom, direction-less, is the hardest thing possible. And trying to seek a direction is the most overwhelming thing possible. More so, when you have turned a year older merely few days back. I am freaking out every moment, internally; I am not ready to be a grown-up yet!

All week I have been re-watching 'How I Met Your Mother' (started Season 5, a while back, that should explain the title of this post, right?), not really as a way of blowing off some steam, but more as an escape; escape from the need of having to send off that CV for my first real internship, escape from the requirement of having to tidy up my space before the dawn of next semester, and the list goes on and on.

Existential crisis is real, and not simply the stuff from the movies. But hey, aren't movies the very thing which has given us the antidote too; the antidote of going with the flow? And, I guess that is exactly what I am going to do.