February has come to an end and along with it the winter too. This winter, I spent the majority of my days out of Mumbai (hence, the lack...

Review: Himalaya FootCare Cream

February has come to an end and along with it the winter too. This winter, I spent the majority of my days out of Mumbai (hence, the lack of blog posts on my part) which, to think of, is blessed with non-existent winter! I know it sounds outright crazy, but having spent one winter out of Mumbai, I am grateful that we have an entire season of mild sunny weather as opposed to months of bone-chilling frigidity where water pipes freeze. 

Anyway, I have come back with a lot of tales to tell and a lot of winter woes to treat. Thankfully, the sorry state of my feet is already taken care of: courtesy Himalaya! These guys at Himalaya were kind enough to send across samples of their Foot Cream a few months back. In my absence, my mom tested the product on my behalf and met me with a glowing review on my arrival. I have used the product once already and I can attest and add to her opinion on this affordably indulgent product. 

Product's Claim

Himalaya claims that their foot cream helps in achieving soft and supple feet in one week. The natural formulation heals and softens excessively dry and rough feet, prevents cracks and provides protection from microbial infections too. The Himalaya FootCare Cream further assures that the gentle yet effective combination of natural moisturizers provides a unique three-way deep moisturizing effect to help keep the moisture intact even during extended exposure to harsh elements.

First Impression

Honestly, I was relieved at the sight of the packaging. Previously the foot creams I have used were in tub packaging and I am sure you would agree with me on how inconvenient and unhygienic that is! Himalaya FootCare Cream comes in a tub packaging which not only ensures utmost hygiene but makes it travel-friendly and fit for usage of the same tube by multiple people too. The cream is thick and luscious and feels like a dream on the application. One would expect a cream this thick to be slippery, however, Himalaya FootCare Cream absorbs immediately and leaves a matte yet moisturized finish. 

User's Experience

The proof is in the pudding, they say. My mom finished off one tube of the Himalaya FootCare Creme while I was away and is impressed enough with the product to get herself a second tube! In her opinion, it is one of the best foot creams available at the measly price of Rs.110/- for 50gms; It works true to its claim and helps softens the deep cracks in her heels (if not heal them completely) and keeps the whole foot moisturized the entire day from one single application (provided you don't wash your feet too frequently). Plus, as pointed out before, in a single usage, I found my travel-beaten and weather-beaten tootsies softening up. Also, the mild herbal fragrance is pretty incredible and gender-neutral too. 

Final Thoughts

Himalaya FootCare Cream does what it claims and at an extremely affordable price, this product is perfection. Overall, I cannot recommend it enough since it a great product for entire family's usage, especially during winter months. If you are considering buying Himalaya FootCare Cream, do so without any second thoughts. This product is a true value for money. However, the product does contains Parabens and maybe a put-off for a few buyers. But if you do not mind it, Himalaya FootCream is a best-buy.

Verdict: 4/5 (-1 because of Parabens).

The fondness for food I possess is a direct influence of my parents; In my childhood days, I distinctively remember each Sunday being res...

Review: Maharaja Bhoj, Oberoi Mall

The fondness for food I possess is a direct influence of my parents; In my childhood days, I distinctively remember each Sunday being reserved for trying out either a new restaurant or gorging on lip-smacking street food. Once, we ventured to a place serving Gujarati Thali and I cannot help but chuckle at the fact that I refused to even touch the delicacies. Yes, I was that picky! Anyway, that tryst marked my only encounter with a thali...until now. 

The bustling restaurant on the weekend

Last weekend, I made a stop at Maharaja Bhog's outlet in Oberoi Mall with my mum to finally savour my fill of a Gujarati/Rajasthani thali. True to its name, Maharaja Bhog is every bit opulent- I instantly fell in love with the regal decor as soon as I entered the restaurant that chaotic weekend. And, in my opinion, what sets this thali restaurant apart from hordes of other is their attention to detail and a hospitality that parallels a Gujurati or Marwadi household. Also, the fact that they do thirty different menus for thirty days of the month is pretty interesting!

The Thali

Anyway, post a warm welcome to the restaurant and a warm water hand wash, the food began flowing in and before we knew, our enormous thalis were studded with more than fifteen treats! On the day of my visit, the menu comprised of Keri Paneer Makai Marble and Sewaiya Dhokla in the Farsan section; Rajasthani Daal, Rajasthani Kadhi, Gujarati Dal, Gujarati Kadhi, Fulka Roti, Dudhi Thepla, Masala Puri, Steamed Rice, Khichdi, Malai Kofta, Rajasthani Gawar, Aloo Curry and Channa Jaisalmeri in the mains; a special Palak Chaat; and the luscious Aamras and Moong Dal Halwa for deserts. Alongside the action going on on the plate, we were also served a Kesari Welcome Drink and Mint Chaas! And how can I forget the lovely Meetha Paan at the end of the meal? You see, the extensive meal is truly fit for a Maharaja.

Masala Puri and Aamras!

Sewaiya Dhokla with two different variants of chutneys!

I, for one, could not get enough of the Masala Puri and Aamras combo and the delectable Moong Dal Halwa. I kept going in for seconds and thirds and fourths, and before I knew I was incredibly full. Yet I did not stop and devoured the ghee-dripping khichdi and Fulka Rotis with absolute glee. I am not kidding when I say I was barely able to move after the feasting! And in that instant, my folks, I realised the importance of a good nap after a great meal. 

Verdict: 5/5

At an affordable price, Maharaja Bhoj indeed offers a feast fit for kings. In my books, it is the perfect destination for a Sunday lunch with family. Just make sure you bring along a large appetite to relish multiple servings. 

Last Sunday, my Mum and I headed to 180 Degrees restaurant at Hotel Grand Sarovar Premier, Goregaon, to indulge in their Mother's Day ...

Restaurant Review: 180 Degrees at Hotel Grand Sarovar Premier

Last Sunday, my Mum and I headed to 180 Degrees restaurant at Hotel Grand Sarovar Premier, Goregaon, to indulge in their Mother's Day Brunch. Now, it is no secret- I love buffets. But what I discovered this time around was the fondness my mother possess for buffets. According to her, buffets are a perfect opportunity to sample a massive variety of offerings without any food wastage. So imagine our collective delight when we stepped into the restaurant to an extensive selection of French, Italian, Mediterranean, Arabic, and Far-Eastern delicacies along with Indian regional favourites! 

Restaurant Interiors

Salad Counter

The 180 Degrees Restaurant at Hotel Grand Sarovar Premier proudly boasts of being one of the largest all-day dining restaurants in the suburbs of Mumbai serving global cuisine. And it surely did not disappoint! We kicked off the gastronomical extravaganza with two lip-smacking salads, a terrific bread basket, Mexican Three Bean Soup, and lots of hummus and lavash; while revelling in the melodious live music performance. Next, we tried the piping-hot vegetable pizza and sev puri from the live counters and absolutely loved them. The Hara Bhara Kebab was sampled next and it was delicious too. The staff was extremely courteous and made sure we were having a pleasant experience.

Sev Puri!

Vegetable Pizza

We were on the verge of feeling full, yet the inviting selection of the main courses lured us into loading our plates once again. Slowly and steady we made our way through Indian selection, the Far-East selection, and the Italian selection- each of which was delightful. We particularly loved the live dosa and Indian bread counters. As we were making our way through the mains, we were informed about the live gola counter; dear readers, that was the point when hell broke loose! I am a devout fan of golas and I was presented with the opportunity to devour them without the probability of fall ill- what's not to like? We asked for two golas, one in kala khatta flavour and the other in kacchi kairi flavour. And we are happy to report that they tasted exactly like the ones you'd enjoy at Chowpatty, something which warrants full marks in my books.

Masala Dosa

Golas! Kala Khatta (Left) and Kacchi Kairi (Right)

Post the long savoury course, we dived into the dessert section. Covering crowd favourites like delectable pastries, divine Indian sweets, yummy apple pie, fresh cut fruits and ice-creams to live Jalebi and Rabri counter, the dessert section is heavenly if you have a sweet tooth. Fun fact: almost 90% of the desserts are eggless, so vegetarians with a sweet tooth, this is where you need to brunch to get a good bang for your bucks. We put a full stop to the meal with a glass of fresh watermelon juice to beat the Mumbai summer and, walked out with bellies full of delicious food and a Mother's Day celebration to remember. 

Strawberry Pastry

Chocolate Pastry

Verdict: 4/5

We loved the inclusiveness in the buffet menu- it has something for everyone. If you are planning a dining session with a huge group, 180 Degrees Restaurant is a perfect pick.  

Until this weekend, my two-point plan of attaining a goodnight's sleep was having a perfect night routine and a bottomless cuppa of ch...

Foam Home- Turning 'Good Night' Into Reality

Until this weekend, my two-point plan of attaining a goodnight's sleep was having a perfect night routine and a bottomless cuppa of chamomile tea. After all, clocking in restful and restorative hours of sleep is on everyone's agenda. However, we all end up making one crucial mistake which negates all the efforts. And that mistake, folks, is not paying heed to thy mattress. And this is something which I learned over this weekend, courtesy Foam Home, an Indian luxury mattress manufacturer with a legacy of over 40 years now.

With over a third of our lives spent sleeping, and over a half spent in bed, it should be pretty obvious that the choice of mattress makes or breaks our backs, right? Yet, most of us overlook this fundamental and divert their big bucks to plush bedding instead. I would be lying if I said I am not guilty of following this cult. In fact, I realised the error of my ways particularly when I rested my supposedly well-rested self on a mattress at Foam Home and quickly slipped into a nap! It was only after I awoke from my short slumber that I learned about the immediate factor behind the instant physical relaxation- Ergoshell Mattress Technology.

Orthogel Mattress (Bottom-Left) & Egroshell Mattress (Top-Right)  

Now, this Ergoshell Mattress Technology developed in-house by Foam Home, is revolutionising the mattress world. Employing this technology, the construction of the mattress is divided into several parts- primarily comprising of a shell, support blocks and a comfort layer- the ultimate aim of which is to produce a durable mattress without compromising on a solid support and luxury. Plus, all thanks to this internationally patent technology, one needn't change the entire mattress once it runs its course- simply changing the support blocks is pretty sufficient!

The company claims that the Ergoshell technology’s unique design addresses every issue in traditional mattresses and makes room for a much more comfortable yet supportive sleep. No wonder this 100% Made in India technology will be showcased internationally at Interzum 2017 trade show in Cologne, Germany this month. In my opinion, it is high-time we start appreciating our homegrown brands who understand our needs better than the foreign brands trying to capture the Indian market. So folks, if you are looking to invest in a mattress anytime soon, do your sleep's quality a favour and check out Foam Home.

A handbag essential, hand sanitizers need no introduction. I awkwardly recall the moment I picked up a sanitizer, when they were initially...

Review: Himalaya PureHands Sanitizer

A handbag essential, hand sanitizers need no introduction. I awkwardly recall the moment I picked up a sanitizer, when they were initially launched in Indian market, from the shopping mart's aisle after a long debate with myself; I kept contemplating whether I would actually need a product like this on the travel I was undertaking the next day and in that contempt, I picked up a packet of paper soaps too. Funnily, those paper soaps are still lying in my bag after all these years. But on the other hand, I have gone through countless bottles of hand sanitizer. So when Himalaya contacted me to try out their range of PureHands hand sanitizers, I nodded in an affirmative instantly.

Product's Claim

Himalaya PureHands calls itself a self-drying disinfectant hand gel which is effective against bacteria and fungi. The product claims to be recommended and used by doctors too. Himalaya PureHands is proud of itself for being a one of its kind effective yet herbal, alcohol-based hand sanitizer, which kills 99.9% of germs to ensures total hand hygiene. The brand states that PureHands contains extracts of herbs like Coriander, which have potent antimicrobial properties and Lime, which is a natural bactericidal, in addition to the active ingredients of Neem, which is antibacterial, fungicidal and antiviral.

First Impression

Himalaya was kind enough to send me all the four fruity variants- Green Apple, Strawberry, Orange, and Litchi- in the PureHands range, with which I instantly fell in love with as soon as I flipped open the caps. The fragrance is delicious and one has to literally remind themselves that the sanitizers aren't edible! Packaging-wise, the product is sturdy and travel-friendly. The gel is slightly watery and spreads around effortlessly. On application, as Himalaya claims, the gel gets absorbed and dries out pretty quickly, leaving hands fragrant.

User's Experience

I carried around the product for nearly a month to test it in all the imaginable conditions, and honestly, it has emerged as a victor. Firstly, after drying there remains no stickiness, but at the same time, the hands feel wonderfully moisturised. I am one of those cursed with terribly dry hands and this product helped me avoid further dryness which usually occurs after sanitizer application. Secondly, the fragrance actually lingers for a long time post application- a clear win-win in my book! I have no criticisms whatsoever of Himalaya PureHands Sanitizer and have already gone ahead and purchased few more bottles for my family's use. 

Final Thoughts

Himalaya PureHands Sanitizer does exactly what it claims and at a decent price of Rs. 90 for 100ml, this product is perfection. Overall, I loved using this product and cannot recommend it enough. If you are considering buying Himalaya PureHands Sanitizer, do so without any second thoughts. This product is a true value for money. 

Verdict: 5/5    

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