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Chapter 19: A Palace of Mirage

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“What a day!” Jennifer thought, “First this Cyrus and now Ice Lady, argh!”. “Hello?” Tara questioned in her stark tone. “Umm, Ma'am…” was what Jennifer could mutter before Shekhar cut her short with his explanation “She is here for the dinner party I am hosting tonight, for Roohi.”. “Oh, you could have informed me at least?” Tara said, her voice sounded frail. “Would that have made any difference? Shekhar cross-questioned, trying his level best to drag the conversation. “Nevermind” Tara quipped and walked straight into her bedroom.

“It always happens…..always has to happen with me” Tara thought as she entered the shower. She wondered why she even tried to be emotional; “These things just aren't for me; all these family melodramas”. These days, no matter how hard she tried she couldn't shake off this weird feeling inside her; she suddenly began caring for her family after the incident where Roohi went missing.

Even her close friend-cum-colleague, Reema, had remarked that Tara has achieved enough on the professional front, “Concentrate on your family now, they need you” she had said. Tara had brought that conversation to a full-stop by saying, ‘The moment one becomes content with their current state, the desire to aspire comes to an end’. “From tomorrow onwards, only work” Tara repeated in her head a few times and slipped into her bed.

“So your wife, eh?” Jennifer asked Shekhar. “Hmm, fortunately or unfortunately, that’s your call” he shrugged and quickly gave a playful smile to cover-up. Inspite of him smiling, Jenifer sensed that something is indeed wrong, but she didn't press the matter and instead called out for Roohi and went inside.

“I scream, you scream Jennifer aunty, we all scream Ice-cream” was what Roohi was chanting when Jennifer found her in the living room. “So Roohi wants ice-cream it seems?” Jennifer asked in high spirits. “Yes, call Papa. He has this whole secret stash of ice-cream hidden somewhere in the house, aunty.” Roohi said. “Have you ever checked the freezer, kiddo?” a bemused Jennifer remarked. “It is never there! Dad says it is the fairies, like the one who is on your hand, who delivers him tubs of ice-cream whenever I am a good kid” Roohi chirped. “Wait then, me and Jennifer aunty will just ask your magician dad and get you some ice-cream, what say?” Cyrus interrupted the ongoing talk. “Either you or me” Jennifer said, her expression bearing annoyance.

Shekhar and Mr. Ahuja’s entrance at that very instant took away Cyrus’s opportunity to continue. “Princess wants some ice-cream, yeah?” asked Shekhar and got a reply in affirmative. “But today the fairies won't be able to deliver it, see there….” Shekhar spoke pointing towards the sky “it is dark now, fairies aren't night creatures.” On hearing this Roohi’s face bore disappointment. “Or maybe I and Roohi can go out and buy some instead?” Mr. Ahuja spoke. “In that way, our Princess’s desires will be fulfilled and I would get a little walk too” he added further.

“Oh no Mr. Ahuja, you are our guest, it would be wrong to do so on my part” Shekhar said. “I insist, Shekhar” Mr. Ahuja pleaded. And finally after being reluctant for a while Shekhar too gave in.

Mr. Ahuja’s persistence made Jennifer suspicious. She already felt a little uneasy having him around Roohi; the way he touched her inappropriately. “How can Shekhar’s turn a blind eye to this!” she thought. “Or maybe he is just too fond of kids, given that he has none” her thought process continued, “Can’t be so, his sly smile says otherwise”.  After a heated debate with her own self she finally decided that she is going to follow them, just to be sure, and maybe in the process she'll end up with some candid shots of Roohi.

Hence, within a few minutes of Mr. Ahuja and Roohi leaving, Jennifer made an excuse of forgetting her mobile phone in Shekhar’s car and made an exit.

“Ahuja Uncle, we are supposed to walk right from this point to reach the shop.” Roohi said looking perplexed. “Oh are we? I was thinking of going to my house and get some ice-cream for you, you know, and you can meet Fluff too.” Mr. Ahuja said, trying to lure Roohi. “Fluff, yes, you don't even bring her to the park these days! I want to meet her. Now! Now! Now!” Roohi replied. “Yes, baby” Mr. Ahuja replied with a peculiar grin on his face.

“Why the hell is he taking Roohi there?!” Jennifer gasped in shock. “You are so busted Mister” she thought to herself.

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Chapter 2: Such A Long Journey

(Note: This post has been written as a part of Blogadda's #CelebrateBlogging. My team is 'Tandem Tensome' and this post is the second chapter in the novel we are writing. You can read the first chapter here)


“The number you are trying to call is currently busy, please try again later.” was what Shekhar could hear on the other end of his call. He sighed and assured himself that indeed she must be busy at work.  “I’ve boarded the train back home, and will reach by tomorrow. Call me ASAP.” he typed in a jiffy and sent the message to Tara, his wife, and slouched in his seat.

He couldn’t help but think of Tara and how strained their relationship has become, not that it had been a healthy one erstwhile, but now it took a lot of effort even to communicate! They went days and sometimes even weeks without seeing each other although they lived together under the same roof; she'd be up and out even before the sun’s first rays hit the earth and home at a time which Shekhar could never track.

This resentment of Tara’s, Shekhar supposed, stemmed from his resignation. Two years back, he decided to leave his job as the editor of an English Daily to look after his daughter, Roohi. There had been complaints from her class teacher of her being too aloof and hitting other children. That paired with their disheveled domestic state forced him to take that step. Although he welcomed the change in his lifestyle, his better half slowly began drifting away even further from him. No matter how hard he’d try, she always found a reason to grow apart; from him and from Roohi.

The word “Chai-Chai” spoken in rhythmic intervals by the Chaiwaala got him off his train of thoughts, brought him back to the train he was travelling to Mumbai in. “Ek chai” he said. As soon as the Chaiwaala handed him over his plastic cup filled 3/4th with a liquid which he considered gold, he couldn’t help but wonder that being a stay-at-home-dad has certainly taught him to enjoy small things in life which people take for granted. He smiled to himself and began with his tea. One sip at a time.

Time seemed to fly and his train reached Mumbai. In past, whenever his train entered CST, a strange sensation passed through him. Today was no exception, but today he felt reluctant too. He didn’t want to retrace his steps back to a house which he and Tara were supposed to build together. “Bandra?”  he asked the taxi driver and occupied the taxi after getting a nod of approval.

“Has the photographer reported?” Tara questioned sharply in the meeting, she continued speaking “We have a very tight deadline and I hope you have that information”. All the while her eyes were on her phone; constantly checking mails, missed calls, taking mental notes of whom to call back. Shekhar’s missed calls and message didn’t escape her eye, yet she overlooked it.

It was easy for her to turn a blind eye to her ‘family’ now and even Shekhar had grown accustomed to it. He knew that Tara never wanted to be a part of this wedlock; hence, he never tried to grow closer to her romantically. But what had come as a shock to him was how she could neglect her own daughter with such an ease! The whole fault, Shekhar always thought, was his; if he hadn’t given impetus to his one-sided love for Tara, these circumstances would’ve never arose.

They had met in college once, all credit for that goes to their annual college festival. She was in the core committee and he had to do an article on the festival for the college magazine, for that he needed to interview her. He fell immediately for her. Who wouldn’t? With her tall stature, a stylish bob and polished sense of dressing she won hearts wherever she went. She hadn’t changed in her looks after all these years, not in the least bit.

Destiny made them cross their paths again, or so as Shekhar liked to think at that time, they met again a few years later when he unknowing moved to Tara’s next door and befriended her father, who thought Shekhar would make a great life-partner for Tara. At first Tara simply declined citing career as the reason but later on her family’s constant pressure forced her to give in. And so the knot was tied.

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P.S. You can head here to read the third chapter of this story.
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Pain it is

People these days say being in one-sided "love" is a painful affair and media too haven't left any stone unturned to propagate this ideology through itself. This pain, I say, is nothing compared to the experience of losing someone forever (I am not referring to "love" but death); the fact that nothing remains of that person, just abstract memories, is too paralysing when encountered in actuality. One may cross paths with a person they care about, but aren't in touch with, but what in a situation where there isn't even this may or might left as the last resort? This knowledge is shattering and with it one realizes that 'it is not just a person that dies, but also something within you which dies with that person'. 
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Made my home with Make my home

Lately I have been itching to re-do my bedroom; currently it is painted in the standard Blue (well, it is more like Jodhpur blue) but I am pinning for walls in very pristine white colour paired with the choicest of blues to give a very Santorini-esq vibe to my personal sanctuary. But here is the catch, a room straight out a catalogue doesn't make a cut for me. A person with varied interests and a deep connect with my Indian roots, coming home to a place whose look is more like a Mediterranean city straight out of a picture is very impersonal, for me atleast. And no matter how global my outlook is, I need some Indian-ness around to comfort me (maybe this sounds crazy to you?). We Indians have embraced Mediterranean cuisine with open arms and made it our own, so this task of the perfect bedroom should be easy, I guess. But how to describe it, the theme? Hmm..interesting question. How about "Mediterranean with an Indian flair"? Sound good!

Anyways, my hunt for the perfect "room-accessories" took me to this website called "Make my Home" (hmm, interesting!) and there I got my perfect pieces. Well, what are they you ask? Here we go...

  1. This pretty peacock wall clock- Keeping in mind the colour scheme of the room and my attraction towards peacock feathers, this is the most perfect wall clock in the world! I would tuck some actual peacock feathers behind the clock to make it more personalized. Just imagine, walls washed in pristine white with this wall clock donning some actual feathers; breaks the monotony and as Indian as it can get (peacock is the national bird of India, y'all know).
  2. The Buddha Oil Burner. After a tiring day at college all I need is some serenity, and that's one thing I expect from my room. Whenever I look at Buddha, I feel at peace. Hence, my second choice is this oil burner. Just back home, the burner on, some soothing music playing...bliss. (P.S. Buddha attained Nirvana in India).
  3. This list closes with these Globe Bookends. Who says just ethnic prints are Indian? Modern India has a global outlook, and these bookends reflect just that. I am a person who loves books, they are there everywhere in my bedroom (read, scattered), I need something that is very "me" to take care of my books and these bookends does just that. Bonus point for them being very sleek yet sturdy.

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My Humans of New York moment

Saturday are fun days, at least in my opinion. This past Saturday was refreshing in its own right. Usually on Saturdays I attend a gig, do people viewing or indulge in some good food at some offbeat joints. But this past Saturday, I gave an interview and you can say took one too.

 If you remember, I am a socially conscious person and have always wanted to help the society in some way, hence, I joined the NSS unit of my college a couple of weeks back. They had forwarded my application for the Blue Ribbon Leadership Programme, and it for this interview I owe my refreshing Saturday to. Here, by refreshing, I am referring to my refreshed outlook and a very new experience, which I don't think I would ever have had.

Basically, there was this activity involved where each interviewee had to accomplish a particular task assigned. The task that had been assigned to me was: Listen to a person wholeheartedly, make that person feel heard. This task seems pretty easy to-do when read, but mind you, who the hell would love you to tell their life story in the middle of the road where you'd stop them abruptly for your own selfish motive!

With a pretty skeptical mind, I went out, only to look at other interviewees stopping every other person on the road to do their act of kindness task. Honestly, I felt it wouldn't be right to just stop someone and indulge in chit-chat because maybe that person is en route to somewhere, getting late? So I came back in the complex thinking maybe I can strike a conversation with the watchmen, but they turned out to be pretty reluctant and cynical. In the corner of the same shed was standing a lanky young man, whose face reflected pain way beyond his years (I didn't expect him to be in his early 20s!). I told him about the task and initiated the talk with him. Although a bit reluctant, he finally opened up, about his life, his aspirations, his fears and his motto
I had my Humans Of New York moment there. But frankly speaking, it was a kind of revelation; I never expected this response from a person to whom I am a complete stranger to! Also, I have always maintained this thing that there is an extraordinary hidden inside every ordinary, and that held itself up this time again. A humbling experience it was which made me thankful for everything I have.

P.S. I know I am updating after a really long time, all credit goes to procrastinating tendencies of mine. This is an ad-hoc post, which I haven't even edited properly just written whatever came in my mind at that point, an improved version might come up in a few days.