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My Humans of New York moment

Saturday are fun days, at least in my opinion. This past Saturday was refreshing in its own right. Usually on Saturdays I attend a gig, do people viewing or indulge in some good food at some offbeat joints. But this past Saturday, I gave an interview and you can say took one too.

 If you remember, I am a socially conscious person and have always wanted to help the society in some way, hence, I joined the NSS unit of my college a couple of weeks back. They had forwarded my application for the Blue Ribbon Leadership Programme, and it for this interview I owe my refreshing Saturday to. Here, by refreshing, I am referring to my refreshed outlook and a very new experience, which I don't think I would ever have had.

Basically, there was this activity involved where each interviewee had to accomplish a particular task assigned. The task that had been assigned to me was: Listen to a person wholeheartedly, make that person feel heard. This task seems pretty easy to-do when read, but mind you, who the hell would love you to tell their life story in the middle of the road where you'd stop them abruptly for your own selfish motive!

With a pretty skeptical mind, I went out, only to look at other interviewees stopping every other person on the road to do their act of kindness task. Honestly, I felt it wouldn't be right to just stop someone and indulge in chit-chat because maybe that person is en route to somewhere, getting late? So I came back in the complex thinking maybe I can strike a conversation with the watchmen, but they turned out to be pretty reluctant and cynical. In the corner of the same shed was standing a lanky young man, whose face reflected pain way beyond his years (I didn't expect him to be in his early 20s!). I told him about the task and initiated the talk with him. Although a bit reluctant, he finally opened up, about his life, his aspirations, his fears and his motto
I had my Humans Of New York moment there. But frankly speaking, it was a kind of revelation; I never expected this response from a person to whom I am a complete stranger to! Also, I have always maintained this thing that there is an extraordinary hidden inside every ordinary, and that held itself up this time again. A humbling experience it was which made me thankful for everything I have.

P.S. I know I am updating after a really long time, all credit goes to procrastinating tendencies of mine. This is an ad-hoc post, which I haven't even edited properly just written whatever came in my mind at that point, an improved version might come up in a few days.
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10 Things I wish someone had told me when I started studying for IPCC

So I attempted my IPCC both groups examination in May. Honestly, my exams sucked. Yes, big time. Most probably because I wasn't organized enough, right from the start and wasted a lot of time, thanks to my wrong course selection, and partially, my internship. I think I will have to attempt IPCC again in November (and there goes my 18th Birthday) and if I count, I have around three and a half months to prepare. I made a lot of mistakes in my first time, which I realized during my May exams, I have compiled a list of the same to guide myself better this time and also to give an insight to first timers of the blunders I committed so that they don't end up doing the same.
  1. For practical subjects, don't waste time with hefty theory books, instead refer a book which gives an insight about the theory in short and spend all time possible doing practical questions. Later on, if required go through the theory from Practice Manual.
  2. For taxation, make sure you maintain notes from the beginning itself, because revising direct tax for exam would be an impossible task without it. Doing direct tax is much easier with succinct notes.
  3. Best way to do Auditing is through Practice Manual but make sure you have a basic idea about the process of auditing before it. Also, SA are important, make sure you have read SAs at least once and have prepared good notes for last minute revision.
  4. In formulae based subjects like Financial Management and Costing, make a list of formulae and keep revising them as frequently as possible (alternate days should do).
  5. Maintain notebooks! Yes, you aren't in school anymore but this is a savior, unless you want to waste time looking for your notes in different books and have piles of papers cluttering your study space.
  6. Don't underestimate mock tests, you'd have no idea about your preparation level until you take it.
  7. Keep an eye on amendments in Law, taxation and Accounting. Many questions are asked from the amended portion, don't give the examiner a chance to cut your marks.
  8. Our Institute is kind enough to provide us with webcasts of leading faculty to guide us with our preparations, please see them.  
  9. If you have a doubt or are stuck somewhere, ask for help ASAP. Later on you wouldn't remember it and while revising for exams you'd be stuck and will waste a lot of time. 
  10. Form a study group if possible, it helps you stay motivated.
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Zindagi, jodey dilon ko...

"Boundaries can separate lands, but they cannot separate emotions". And to convey this to the Indian masses, Zee TV has launched a new channel called Zee Zindagi, which airs shows from our neighbour, Pakistan, tomorrow onwards. "Jodey dilon ko" being the tagline, the main aim is to connect our hearts which have become distant due to the man-drawn border.

There was a time, when all of us were Indians who collectively strove for Independence, but then one treaty and everything changed; nation, people and relationships. Over time we at this side of the border have formed certain notions about the people on the other side, I too had. Yes, "had" thanks to the Blogger's meet organized by Indiblogger in association with Zee Zindagi. This insightful rendezvous was an eye-open for me, and I reluctantly admit that I had thought that women that side are oppressed which in fact is a big misconception. You too would be free from that and allied misconceptions once it is 23rd June 2014, when you'd be able to peek into the lives of our counterparts on the other side of the border through the shows like "Zindagi Gulzar", "Aunn Zara", et al.

Interaction with the famed Pakistani actor Imran Abbas further gave me an understanding that the viewership of Indian shows in Pakistan is huge! Also, he sang the song "Tum Hi Ho" from the Bollywood movie "Aashiqui-2" and that made me feel so ill-aware of the their culture. Yes, how little do we know about Pakistani scene except a few from there who are famous here!

I did meet some bloggers who aren't tolerant of this idea but many were overjoyed at this prospect too, which is a good thing considering they are eager to explore the culture from that side of the border barring the animosity. After all: "You cannot make the revolution. You can only be the revolution. It is in your spirit or nowhere".

P.S. Pardon me this time, I couldn't click any pictures as I was sitting way back in a corner.
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A Date to remember

Date? Nah, I'd rather take a pass. More so, if it involves braving the Mumbai's summer. If you have been a reader of this little entity, you'd know that dates aren't my thing. So what does a girl do when she gets asked on a date by someone who makes her feel special almost daily? Well, she goes; reluctantly. And comes back brimming with joy radiating from her face that wouldn't fade away!

The venue my date picked was J.W. Marriott! Pretty sweeping-off the feet thing, right? And so I stepped into the huge paradise to be greeted by paper lantern in all sorts of colour strewn all across the roof, feeling like an angel in my whites.The date wasn't a normal sit and dine one, nah! It was a play date!

The paper lanterns!

Hey you, confused? So was I when I was handed over a map. Haha no more mysterious talks now, I spill the beans here: the date was with Dove, a brand I use almost everyday (I swear by Dove Elixir, it is an amazing oil which smells oh-so-great).

The map thing? Well, as I said it was a play date and Dove had chalked out a fun game for all the women invited there. Full of little tasks that saw us reveal our inner kids (after all they say "Dil toh baccha hai ji"). And hence, the day saw me doing zumba (on Gangam style!), trying to gather balls in a basket through a cheeky task named "Have a Ball", getting hair done and doing it too in turn, putting together a giant puzzle, doing a balancing act with hula-hoops and finally seeing my hair in a way I always wanted to.

The Hula-Hoop task

And oh, did I forget mentioning about the little rendezvous that happened near the pool side? The cocktail competition, judged by a cute bartender!

The pool side action taking place

The date happened to be on Mother Day. So I tagged along my mother who too is a blogger to give her a day to herself away from her hectic everyday schedule. What a day it was, seeing her laugh like I've never seen. Thank You Dove and Indiblogger, thank you so much.

My mom with her hair done, I'm the girl with the headband

And I tell you, my date turned out to be such a sweet-heart, that I didn't even have to get the iconic Mumbai local train's "dhakkas" on my journey back home, no! I was dropped home safely at the dead of the night. So this is what I call a date went great.

The little dance party after the shiz

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Street Photography - II

I have been experimenting lately, with street photography. And as I just shoot with a point and shoot camera (Canon SX150 IS) on Aperture priority or Shutter priority, and without any device to achieve a blurred background, I am trying to incorporate other moving things to give the background a slight blur. You must have seen that in the previous blog post's picture "Anticipation". Here is an extension of that concept with more objects in the frame. Feedback and criticism would be appreciated. Thanks.

"Frozen" taken at Fort, Mumbai.
Disclaimer: The picture used here is the copyrighted property of Aditi Pathak. Use of this picture anywhere else for any purpose demands permission to be taken by Aditi Pathak. Failure to do so will involve a legal action against the defaulting party.